Umo Neurofeedback Academy program has been developed with one idea in mind, to give you all you need to become a competent neurofeedback practitioner, with the least possible investment of your valuable resources, be it time or money.

1. Practical Introduction to Umo system

2 hours webinar on the technical aspects of the Umo system, with Marin Maletić, the designer of the system

Our experience shows that it can be counterproductive to start with pure theory before you have developed some concept of the neurofeedback training and without having any hands-on experience with the tools used in the field. That is why we first give you the neurofeedback equipment and show you how to prepare your client and your equipment in order to perform a successful neurofeedback session. And, more importantly, you will see your own brainwaves and get a real feeling about what neurofeedback is all about.

This part of the program won’t instantly make you a neurofeedback practitioner, but it will prepare you to fully absorb theoretical concepts and start applying them as soon as you are finished with the theoretical part of the education.

2. Theoretical fundamentals of neurofeedback

Four 9-hours long live on-line sessions with dr. Giuseppe Chiarenza covering the most important theoretical concepts of neurofeedback and its applications

The content of this part of education is compliant with the BCIA requirements for becoming a Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN), but more importantly, the lectures are given by one of the most experienced neurofeedback practitioner with 40 years of experience in the field and a lifetime of experience as a child psychiatrist and a neurologist.

After this theoretical course, with the understanding of the system gained through practical introduction you can immediately start using your knowledge in real life. We recommend you start with yourself, your friends and family, and when you feel you have gained enough routine you can move on to the Neurofeedback supervision program.

Click here for information about Board Certification in Neurofeedback.

Professional development after this course

In order to obtain a BCN certificate (Board Certified in Neurofeedback) you have to go through supervision under an experienced BCN therapist (exam is held directly through BCIA).

Supervision consists of 30 case studies of your sessions and it is performed 1-on-1 and charged separately. With BCN you will be able to independently work on the most challenging cases, supervise new neurofeedback therapists, as well as dig deeper into new neurofeedback application.

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Courses are organized on weekends at student/teacher convenience.