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*Umo STUDENT license enables you to use the Umo system on 7 clients in any given period, which is enough for everybody who just wants to use neurofeedback as a side job or work just on friends and family. When you are ready to go pro you can upgrade to Umo PRO license for 75 €/month.

Get your Umo and learn neurofeedback from top experts

Prof. Giuseppe Augusto Chiarenza

M.D., BCN, child neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist, BCIA certified neurotherapist with Neurofeedback, genuine helper personality and one of the few neurotherapists in Italy. When prof. Chiarenza is delivering a lecture you are listening to 40+ years of hands on experience of being a doctor, a teacher and a mentor.

Marin Maletić

Serial tech entrepreneur and inventor, chief designer of the Umo system, Master of Science in electrical engineering, turned neuroscientist after a personal experience with the neurofeedback method. His ability to simplify complex technical ideas behind bioelectricity will give a new dimension to your understanding of neurofeedback method.

This academy is for you

if you are a doctor of any specialization, special educator, psychologist, speech therapist, physical therapist and you are:

Because neurofeedback works

Neurofeedback is a scientifically based method discovered in the 60s of the last century. Decades of research has shown numerous benefits it brings when applied to many different fields. The advancements in neuroscience powered by constant innovations in brain scanning technologies now can explain why neurofeedback works in the first place. And hundreds of studies are building up the body of evidence of neurofeedback efficacy when applied to different medical conditions.

On top of the list is ADHD with neurofeedback now being considered as the most efficient way of treating it, supported with the highest level of scientific evidence. Although, due to its nature, it is virtually impossible to design a double blind study for neurofeedback as a therapy, more and more evidence is found in favor of using it for treating epilepsy, depression, anxiety, specific learning disabilities, and the list is growing bigger continuously.

Those applications together with the undisputed ability of neurofeedback to help healthy people improve their focus and attention and to teach them to cope with the stress in order to achieve better life-work balance, makes neurofeedback the thing of the future. With Umo Neurofeedback Academy you can be a part of that future without compromising your past career and life choices.

We believe that the world needs neurofeedback, and the best way to make it widely accessible is to enable eligible professionals with an easy and affordable entry into the field and have them start offering neurofeedback services as they see fit.

Marin Maletić


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