Our mission is to expand the reach of neurofeedback so it becomes accessible to every man, woman and child on the planet. For that to be possible, the first thing is to make the equipment practical and simple, and fun to use – both for the trainer and a client. With that in mind we have designed the Umo Neurofeedback System, a system allowing you to start with small steps knowing that it can take you the long way.

Neurofeedback hardware

The simplest and the most practical neurofeedback amplifier on the market

Wireless conectivity

Wireless charging


ISO 13485 medical manufacturing standard

Neurofeedback content

In order to make neurofeedback trainings engaging in the long run we have designed a selection of attractive games, and if the games are not enough any mp4 video can be uploaded and used as a feedback content

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Desktop application

Even if you are working on the most complex thing in the universe your main tool can be intuitive and easy to use

Training setup
Performance tracking

Web application

Client management, reporting, signal inspection and editing

Web app login
Client management
Session reporting
Signal editing

Order your Umo

Courses are organized on weekends at student/teacher convenience.